Dominique Mathern is new French representative

Friday 25 05 2018

In response to the importance of the French market and to further expand its efforts in this region, Antwerp Port Authority has appointed a second local representative in France. As of 1 May Dominique Mathern represents the port of Antwerp for the local market in France. Together with Marc Delbeke he will be responsible for further developing and expanding the port's presence in that country.

Wide experience in transport and logistics

Dominique has more than 26 years of experience in various senior management positions in the transport and logistics sector. In previous years he has worked successively for the Bolloré Group, CEGEC Logistics, Logikx Shipping NV and CRYO Logistics, with the main emphasis on developing and/or expanding commercial activities. During his professional career he has built up a wide network of contacts and business relations that will be invaluable to him in his new position of port representative.

Importance of France

The strategic location of France as a neighbouring country offers great potential for the logistics sector. Antwerp has long been considered "the leading French port" and aims not only to maintain but also to expand this position. Dominique's main task will be to further develop the local commercial network and to maintain regular contacts with relevant shippers and intermodal players. In addition he will identify freight flows that offer potential for modal/port shift, facilitate the exchange of information between the Antwerp port community and local stakeholders, and promote the "Port of Antwerp" brand.

Marc Delbeke for his part has acted as the local representative of Antwerp Port Authority in France since 2013, focusing mainly on relations with institutional players. Dominique will now join him in this task, taking responsibility for commercial contacts in Hauts de France and Grand Est.

"I look forward to applying my experience in the transport and logistics sector to this exciting and challenging job, so as to further develop the position of Antwerp Port Authority in France,"

says Dominique Mathern. "There is still huge potential here, and now that we can split up the work between Marc and myself so that I can concentrate fully on the commercial contacts I am convinced that we will achieve even better results in the future."



Dominique Mathern

Port Representative France
+33 617 49 93 52 / +32 496 53 64 42

Violierstraat 5
9920 Lievegem

Marc Delbeke

Port Representative France
+33 320 35 45 89

5 rue Abbé Vanthuyne
F 59930 La Chapelle D'Armentières