Antwerp enters for ESPO Award

Monday 24 07 2017

The port of Antwerp is entering for the ESPO Award once more this year. The European Sea Ports Organisation was set up in 1993 to defend the interests of its member ports. 

In addition to its technical committees and its activities on behalf of members, the organisation attaches great importance to the social integration of the ports, their local communities and the surrounding environment. As such it is a strong proponent of sustainability and protection of the environment. The annual award recognises achievements in this area. It is also intended to challenge its partners and encourage them to present "best practices."

This year the participating ports have been asked to present their "cultural and artistic involvement" in relation to their local communities. Antwerp's entry takes the form of a brochure that showcases the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the city and its community, and the role which we as a port play in this.

The port of Antwerp won the ESPO Award in 2013 on the theme of "Cultural Heritage."

Read the brochure here.