Antwerp know-how and expertise for Brazil

Wednesday 21 03 2018

The port of Antwerp is to share its know-how and expertise with two training centres for port professionals in Brazil. The terms of the agreement are laid down in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Antwerp's port alderman, Marc Van Peel, and Brazil's minister of Transport, Ports & Civil Aviation, Mauricio Quinteda.

Strong reputation

APEC, the training subsidiary of Antwerp Port Authority, already has a strong reputation in Brazil, as 660 port professionals have already followed training courses in Antwerp. Now APEC will send lecturers to share their know-how and expertise with training centres in Sao Paulo and Alagoas, where there is a specific demand for training dock workers. The Antwerp dock workers are legendary for their efficiency and professionalism, and APEC has already introduced the same training model in the Indian port city of Mumbai.


Strategic importance

Brazil is the seventh most important trading partner for the port of Antwerp, generating a cargo volume of 7.1 million tonnes of mainly containerised freight including deep-frozen goods, agricultural products, fuel derivatives and metal products.

Some 98.6% of Brazilian exports are handled by 45 publicly owned ports and 131 private port terminals. However, these facilities urgently need to be modernised in order for Brazil to maintain its status as the main gateway to South America.