Aptus wins third innovation challenge Smart Docking

Publication date: 
24 Dec 2020

Moored vessels are constantly moving under the influence of the tide, the wind and other factors. For safety reasons it is crucial to monitor these horizontal movements. This is why we launched our third Innovation Challenge: Smart Docking. Today the winner of this innovation project, Aptus, is known. Congratulations to Jo Coenen and managing partner Alexander Vanwynsberghe (photo).

Aptus developed a device containing an accelerometer in combination with a gyroscope that measures the movement and determines the direction. By means of magnets, the device is attached to the ship. A 4G modem in the device ensures that data is sent in real time.
The winners will have the unique opportunity to work closely with our port experts and visit one of the busiest container terminals in Europe.
You can read more about the project here.