From Austria to America by rail and ship

Tuesday 15 12 2020

By consciously choosing sustainable means of transport, the Austrian Binderholz is limiting its proportion of road transport when shipping a large load of timber. The transatlantic shipment began its journey in Salzburg and continued via the port of Antwerp to America. Final destination: Port of Cleveland.

The record cargo of 5,000m³ of wood was transported by Binderholz via the Antwerp-Linz shuttle from Rail&Sea to Antwerp by rail. In Antwerp, Nova Natie brought the cargo of breakbulk aboard three Spliethoff vessels heading to the Great Lakes in the United States. Via transshipment, the journey continued to the port of Cleveland. A fine example of sustainable freight transport by rail and sea. 


A few figures...

  • This concerns 5,000m³ of wood.
  • The route covered is 7,500km long. 
  • Road transport was chosen for only the last three kilometres.


What will the wood be used for? The construction of a shopping centre, apartments and office spaces. This is the largest timber construction project in the United States to date. 


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