Barge transport makes progress in breakbulk

Friday 24 05 2019

Antwerp Slitter, a company that processes steel coils in the port of Antwerp, now uses only barges for transport within the port. Other companies too are increasingly making use of barge for breakbulk transport. The modal shift that Port of Antwerp aims to achieve is in full swing!

The coils handled by Antwerp Slitter arrive in Antwerp from overseas. From the deepsea terminal they go to the service centre on Quay 118 where Antwerp Slitter cuts them up and prepares them for European customers. Until recently the transport from the terminal to the service centre was by truck, but Antwerp Slitter has now switched entirely to barge.
Barging Solutions, a subsidiary of Manuport Logistics, has also seen more and more companies opting for barge to carry breakbulk, not only steel coils but also construction materials, for example. Recent investments such as raising the height of bridges have given extra impulse to this development.

Modal shift

Port of Antwerp is putting great efforts into bringing about a modal shift, with greater amounts being carried by barge and rail. The aim is to substantially increase the relative volumes carried by these more sustainable modes. Transport within the port also plays an important role in achieving the necessary modal shift.