BASF invests in Port of Antwerp

Wednesday 30 10 2019

The German chemical concern BASF announced at the beginning of October that it plans to invest more than half a billion euros in production of ethylene oxide in the port. This follows on from a long series of investments by the chemical industry.


BASF is to raise its production capacity for ethylene oxide and derivatives in the North of the port area. The investment which includes among other things construction of a second large ethylene oxide facility will generate more than 100 additional jobs, according to BASF. The investment will raise the production capacity for ethylene oxide and derivatives by an estimated 400,000 tonnes. The substances produced are used in car brake fluid, detergents, cleaning products and insulation material, to give just a few examples.  

advantages of the port of Antwerp

There are various reasons for multinational chemical companies opting for Antwerp. The connectivity with overseas destinations and the European hinterland plays an important role. The port also offers tank storage facilities, an extensive pipeline network and more than 1000 km of other facilities.
These advantages were showcased by Port of Antwerp at the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) 2019. Port of Antwerp CEO Jacques Vandermeiren was the keynote speaker at this meeting that brings together some 700 chemical industry companies annually. For the benefit of attendees he presented the port's infrastructure and explained the policy of sustainable management for the Antwerp port area.