Bertschi invests in new European plastics hub for Antwerp

Monday 25 06 2018

The Swiss company Bertschi has chosen the port of Antwerp for development of a new European plastics hub at the Antwerp Zomerweg Terminal (AZT).

European multimodal distribution centre

Bertschi acquired the concession on the Zomerweg rail terminal last year and immediately began construction of a plastics hub so that the first containers could be handled already at the beginning of 2018.

An important plus that Bertschi is able to offer at this hub includes services such as transhipment, storage and distribution of polymers. In addition to storage space for containers (capacity of 20,000 tonnes) Bertschi has invested in two platforms for unloading 20 and 40-foot sea containers into 30-foot land containers. The latter serve as storage units for the products on the terminal itself before being distributed all over Europe via the Bertschi intermodal network.

"By taking delivery of sea containers with plastics in the port of Antwerp, transferring the contents and storing them in land containers and then transporting them to their final destination we are able to offer our customers an all-in-one solution", says Hans-Jörg Bertschi, CEO and chairman of the Bertschi group.

Benny Mermans, General Manager EMEA for Chevron Philips Chemical Company, adds: "Bertschi has demonstrated the advantages of the container concept for our products, and this convinced us to implement this solution."

Trimodal chemical hub of the future

The entire area of the Antwerp Zomerweg Terminal (AZT), which also includes a railhead, is ideally located beside the existing Bertschi facility in the port of Antwerp. The logistics service provider aims to further develop this 80,000 m² site into a trimodal chemical logistics hub with sea and rail connections over the next few years.

This investment is a significant milestone for the further development of continental intermodal rail transport for the port of Antwerp, as well as being a crucial link for connecting up the large chemical clusters in Europe. The innovative activities being unfolded here by Bertschi underline the vital role of Antwerp for the European polymer market.