Big investments for EDR Antwerp Shipyard

Wednesday 17 02 2021

EDR Antwerp Shipyard specialises in the repair and renovation of ships. In order to grow, EDR Antwerp Shipyard and Port of Antwerp are investing together in better infrastructure for services.

Philippe Trouillard (Commercial Officer EDR Antwerp Shipyard): "After the acquisition of Engine Deck Repair in 2015, we wanted to restart and also improve shipyard activities. Port of Antwerp carried out soil remediation and organised the demolition of several buildings. We also renovated and developed new infrastructure. Finally, we invested in state-of-the-art technology to perform any type of repair, such as overhead cranes for handling larger tonnages or advanced plasma cutters (a machine to cut steel)."


Collaboration with Port of Antwerp

"Together with Port of Antwerp, we're moving to the next stage which involves renovation of the dry docks and quay walls. A project is currently underway to renovate the third largest dry dock," says Philippe. "Additional upgrades to roads and cranes will follow later, and we'll also tackle the areas around the buildings. Both EDR Antwerp Shipyard and Port of Antwerp are investing heavily to improve this service. We hope this will attract even more ships to Antwerp."


Some examples of investments:

  • Thorough soil remediation 
  • Renovation of dry docks, quays and site
  • Upgrading of the 100-tonne cranes for greater lifting capacity
  • Expansion and renovation of the logistics warehouses
  • Expansion of internal fleet e.g. for heavy lifting
  • A site for tanker handling and degassing


"After all, you know: a port without a shipyard is like a café without beer”

Philippe Trouillard


Unique service provider

The presence of an independent shipyard in a world port offers added value. You can not only unload and load, but also have repairs and other services carried out. The site in the Port of Antwerp is unique: the size of the workshop alone is 14,000 m²! Multimodal access ensures that spare parts from anywhere in the world can reach Antwerp quickly. 


New name

Since February, Engine Deck Repair has been known under the name EDR Antwerp Shipyard, with the introduction of a new logo and new house style. "EDR Antwerp Shipyard is a fully equipped shipyard that stands for quality and client friendliness at a good price, and we're increasingly focusing on sustainable shipbuilding operations. We want the EDR Antwerp Shipyard brand to become inextricably associated with the port of Antwerp. After all, you know: a port without a shipyard is like a café without beer," adds Philippe.