BOCS opens own agency in Antwerp

Tuesday 01 09 2020
© Commons Wikimedia

On the 1st of August BOCS Bremen Overseas Chartering & Shipping opened its own agency in Antwerp. This is how the shipping company plans to optimise its services.


Previously, Neptumar was ship's agent for the German shipping company in Antwerp. Today, five new employees take on the representation. By setting up its own agency, BOCS is following a trend that many other major shipping companies have started in recent years.


BOCS offers regular conventional sea transport between Northern Europe and the West African coast. The shipping company operates a fleet of five multi-purpose vessels between Europe and West Africa, with Antwerp and Rouen as fixed ports of loading. With this new agency BOCS also wants to look for new opportunities in the African region.


Already last year BOCS entered into a partnership with Universal Africa Lines (UAL) to share capacity. UAL deploys smaller vessels and focuses mainly on cargo for the oil and gas industry. By taking cargo from the other shipping company on their own ships, they can offer each other's destinations.