Borders closed for passengers – Green lanes for transport of goods

Tuesday 24 03 2020
As an additional measure to limit the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, all EU internal borders were closed to persons. 
For staff in key sectors, border crossings will be maintained and special green lanes will be provided for goods transport.


The port is officially classified as "essential national infrastructure" in Belgium. Furthermore, many regions and economic activities in the rest of Europe are dependent on supply chains from Belgium and vice-versa. This makes the port of Antwerp an essential link for supplying not only Belgium but also a large part of Europe. 


Goods will still be able to cross the border, as will employees in essential sectors with a certificate from their employer. In this way the continuity of Port of Antwerp will remain assured, as will the logistics chain and the transport of goods from Belgium to the rest of Europe and vice-versa.


Green lanes

Due to the current delays at the EU internal borders, everything necessary is being done to ensure the smooth transport of goods. Therefore, the EU decided to create 'green lanes' for trucks meaning that crossing the border shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes and the green lanes will be open to vehicles carrying any type of goods. In addition, all local governments have to suspend restrictions and reduce the paper work for transport workers.



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