CEO Jacques Vandermeiren: "Our ambitious Business Plan is getting the Port Authority ready for the future"

Friday 25 05 2018

Antwerp Port Authority has presented its new Business Plan. "In today's fast-changing world we aim to be a safe home port and act as a lever for all those who see opportunities and embrace challenge," says CEO Jacques Vandermeiren. "Our main advantages for this are our great adaptability and our strong focus on innovation and digitisation. We constantly strive for sustainable added value, while assuming our responsibility towards society."

Port of Antwerp, a challenging playing field in a changing world

The Antwerp industrial and logistics port platform is the main economic engine for our country. One in 16 people in Flanders works in or for the port, and the platform directly or indirectly generates added value of 21 billion euros annually: 8.1% of the total for the Flemish region. As one of the main links in trade between Europe and the rest of the world, the port platform occupies a central place in a world that is changing increasingly rapidly and becoming more and more unpredictable.

Jacques Vandermeiren: "We are working towards a sustainable future for the port. This ambition is expressed in our new mission and vision, in which our role is defined even more sharply. We are much more than a port landlord, an operator and a facilitator in the nautical chain: we are also a community builder. We challenge ourselves to be even closer to our employees, our customers and stakeholders." 

Focus on five strategic priorities

Jacques Vandermeiren: "Our new Business Plan that aims to bring results in five strategic priorities gives us a sharper focus. We are convinced that we can turn this company around by concentrating on a number of clearly defined strategic priorities that will form our main action guidelines between now and 2020."

The five priorities are: Sustainable growth, Mobility, Transition, Safety & Security and Operational Excellence.

The Port Authority in transition

Jacques Vandermeiren: "The Port Authority employees are the key to success in this transition phase. With our DELTa programme we challenge them to Dare, to Experiment, to Learn and to Trigger others. In this way we will make the transition from a mainly operational to a knowledge-driven organisation."

Antwerp Port Authority recently won the Government Organisation of the Year award, an initiative of EY, De Tijd/L’Echo and BNP Paribas Fortis. With this award the organisers express their appreciation and recognition for efficient, innovative government organisations that benefit companies and private citizens alike.

Jacques Vandermeiren: "This is wonderful recognition for the process of progress and change that we embarked on one year ago. With this change process we aim to make the Port Authority and its employees more flexible so that change represents an opportunity, not a threat. Innovation and collaboration are crucial, both inside and outside the company, forming the basis for our future."


Read the Business Plan here