Certified Pick up proceeding apace

Friday 12 03 2021

Certified Pick up has been in use at the port of Antwerp since January 2021. The digital, safe and integrated solution for the release of containers is a long-term replacement for the current PIN code system. The new way of working guarantees a secure, transparent and optimised release process for incoming containers, which will then leave the port by rail, inland navigation or truck.

Signing up to Certified Pick up is mandatory if you are involved in the container release process in Antwerp. This central data platform was developed by NxtPort. At present, nearly 90% of all the shipping companies and terminals in Antwerp have signed up to the system.


Up-to-date overview of shipping agents and terminals publishing their data on Certified Pick up

Transparency around container status

In this initial phase, Certified Pick up offers transparency around the status of your incoming container in the form of a series of "green lights". When all the lights in the application are on green, you can see at a glance whether the container is ready for collection. This improves operational efficiency for all the users involved.

PIN codes will be gone for good

Port of Antwerp has chosen a phased approach to guarantee the stable expansion of the system. In the next phase, the various chain partners will switch from the PIN code system to the new handling method with pick-up based on encrypted identification and authorisation data.


Truck drivers will pick up containers by identifying themselves digitally. PIN codes will no longer be used for inland navigation or rail, either. The use of Certified Pick up will be mandatory from then on. The legal framework is included in the Port Police Regulations.

Now it's up to you!

This is how you can register for Certified Pick up, in three steps.


Any questions? Consult the FAQ or contact the Port of Antwerp Certified Pick up team at certifiedpickup@portofantwerp.com.