#ChainportHack18 seeks solution for mobility

Monday 25 06 2018

From 11 to 13 October Antwerp Expo will be the place to be for innovation in the maritime and logistics sector. Here, start-ups, scale-ups, students and companies can come to grips with challenges such as mobility.

Events in Antwerp and Los Angeles

The first edition of the logistics hackathon in Antwerp in 2016 drew more than 200 participants from Russia, Mexico, Singapore, Israel, Belgium and the Netherlands. During a marathon 72 hours of hacking they tackled problems of port logistics, supported by 50 coaches with experience in this field.

This year 12 major international ports are getting together under the aegis of chainPORT to organise two simultaneous hackathons in Antwerp and Los Angeles under the name #ChainportHack18. The Antwerp Hackathon is an initiative of NxtPort, Alfaport Voka and Antwerp Port Authority in collaboration with chainPORT.

Six challenges including mobility

During #ChainportHack18 in Antwerp participants will be presented with various challenges. One of these is mobility, one of the biggest problems facing the port of Antwerp.

A structural reduction in the number of solo car commuters will have to be achieved if we are to keep the port accessible. This will require a combination of infrastructure, sustainable alternatives and a mental shift on the part of drivers. Can data analysis and sharing of data provide a solution to this?

More information for candidates willing to take up this challenge can be found here.


Mobility is just one of the six challenges. Read more about the other challenges in the next Radar.