Collaboration projects with Port of Antwerp garner international awards

Friday 21 06 2019

Two collaboration projects by Port of Antwerp won prizes at the first World Ports Sustainability Awards during the Guangzhou 2019 World Ports Conference in China. This international competition is organised by the International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) which recognises sustainable port projects.


Safety & Security project


Port of Antwerp won the award for the best Safety & Security project, in collaboration with the Neighbourhood Information Network (NIN) Knowledge Base, the Safety department of the Interior Ministry and the local police services. This initiative launched by Port of Antwerp in 2014 aims to raise the level of safety in the port. The Neighbourhood Information Network brings companies and safety departments together in a secure, trusted and transparent port environment.


"Thanks to this port-wide network, information is passed on more quickly and efficiently regarding current matters of concern such as cyber-crime, thefts of copper, spying with drones and so on," explains Kathy Dua, Port of Antwerp Safety & Security consultant. "The police are able to intervene much more quickly, and the companies are able to protect themselves better. The network is used to pass on not only urgent messages but also preventive information. This information is provided by safety departments, the police, customs and other authorities and is drawn up in consultation with them. Our direct contact persons are the safety advisors of the inpidual companies. It is their job to pass on the messages that they receive via the Neighbourhood Information Network so that it reaches the right people. Here at Port of Antwerp we coordinate the network and keep the list of contact details up to date."


Community training


Another Antwerp-based project entitled "Civitas Portis" won first prize for community training. This project is an initiative of the City of Antwerp in collaboration with Port of Antwerp, Antwerp Province, NMBS (Belgian national rail company), De Lijn (local public transport), Lantis (Antwerp road transport management) and Traject Vlaanderen. Civitas Portis in turn forms part of CIVITAS, a network of cities dedicated to cleaner, better transport in Europe and beyond. In this particular case it concerns a network of European port cities, namely Aberdeen, Constanza, Klaipeda and Trieste.


"This award is welcome recognition which positions Port of Antwerp as the driving force behind mobility solutions. The European collaboration project helps to draw international attention to initiatives such as the Water Bus, which can only be a good thing," declared port alderman Annick De Ridder.


Next year the IAPH World Ports Conference will be held in Antwerp, organised by Port of Antwerp.