Corona virus - Update 12 March

Publication date: 
12 Mar 2020

As the Port of Antwerp, it is our responsibility to actively help stem the further spread of the Covid-19 virus. At the same time, we are working hard to keep our port fully operational. That is why we are cancelling all activities and events that are not essential for ensuring the business continuity of the port.


We are now focusing on our core tasks. We are organizing ourselves so that as much employees as possible can work from home. Physical meetings are being limited to the strictly essential. Only the most essential visitors are being admitted to our work locations, such as the Port House, if this is absolutely necessary.


All events in the Port House are cancelled or postponed and we are closing the doors of the Port of Antwerp visitor center (MAS Havenpaviljoen). These measures are valid until March 31.


You can find further updates about Corona and Port of Antwerp on our Twitter account.