Coronavirus - Message from CEO Jacques Vandermeiren

Publication date: 
16 Mar 2020

We are all being affected by the coronavirus. The personal life of each one of us has been turned upside down. Covid-19 is having a huge impact on society as a whole. In the first instance on the healthcare workers who are in the first line. It cannot be emphasised enough: they deserve enormous respect. I would therefore like to add my personal word of thanks to them.


Here at Port of Antwerp we also bear a heavy social responsibility to keep our economy, our lines of supply and indeed the whole country going. We are an open economy, located at a strategic crossroads. I therefore want to emphasise how very grateful I am for your efforts so far. I have seen a great amount of willingness, flexibility, creativity, initiative and team spirit among all employees. In all sincerity I am proud of this, and touched by it.


In the meantime we have set up a multidisciplinary, cross-border Port of Antwerp crisis team that meets regularly to monitor the situation and to take the necessary measures. It is very important for us to remain in control and to make constant adjustments. We are also committed to communicate whenever and wherever necessary.


Our mission for the coming weeks is clear, namely to keep the port operational. All the employees who keep our operations going are keeping the port literally running. Locks are manned, ships are tugged and moored ... by people who cannot work from home. They are assuming their responsibility and together helping to keep our country supplied. I therefore wish to thank them expressly.


I am confident that with a healthy dose of flexibility and sense of responsibility we can bring this mission to a good end.


Take good care of each other, and of yourself. Take good care of the port.


I'm counting on you!


Jacques Vandermeiren