COVID-19: measures taken in Belgium

Tuesday 24 03 2020

Belgium's approach is aimed at preventing the rapid spread of the virus and thus preventing overloading of hospitals. In addition to preventive hygiene measures, a strong emphasis is placed on social distancing. Everyone must keep a distance of at least one and a half metres from other people, do not shake hands and do not kiss. Encounters between different generations outside the family are strongly discouraged, also for families.


The Belgian government has taken the following measures, which are in force until April 5th:


1.Citizens are to stay at home. Going to work and shopping for essentials is allowed.
2. Gatherings of people are not allowed. Members of family units are allowed to walk or exercise together outside. For others this is restricted to two people.
3. Companies are obliged to organise work from home for every job where this is possible. For other jobs, the rules of social distancing must be applied both on the job and on transport organised by the employer. Key industries and essential services like public health and transport/logistics including the ports are asked to apply the rules of social distancing as much as possible.
4. Schools shall provide childcare for children of parents who work in health-care and public safety departments.
5. food shops, pharmacies, news agents, pet food shops and gas stations are allowed to open. All other shops are closed. Outdoor public markets are closed as well.
6. Public transport must ensure social distancing.
7. Non-essential travel to and from Belgium is prohibited.
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