DP World & MPET share track

Monday 14 09 2020

Terminal operators DP World Antwerp and MPET are teaming up to make greater use of the railway line

Container handling companies MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET) and DP World both operate a terminal at the Deurganck Dock. There is no rail connection at the MPET terminal on the East side of the Deurganck Dock. However, the DP World terminal next door does have the required railway infrastructure. DP World and MPET now use the DP World rail connection together to enable the two-way container transportation by rail to the MPET terminal as well. 


Via a new container transfer zone at MPET, a ‘rail buffer’ with a capacity of 100 TEU, the adjacent terminals can exchange import and export rail containers. 


Multimodal port 


The initiative is in line with Port of Antwerp's ambitions to boost the share of container transport carried by rail: from its present level of 8% to 15% by 2030. By optimising the existing capacity, the initiative ensures the continued growth of the port and intermodal transport. 


Exchanging the first container 


Annick De Ridder, Port Alderman (photo middle): “This partnership between MPET and DP World realises Port of Antwerp's ambition to import and export more containers by rail. The project not only helps to improve mobility and create a more sustainable port, it also makes the port of Antwerp even more attractive.”