DUVAL and Vopak co-invest in Antwerp

Monday 25 02 2019

Koninklijke Vopak and DUVAL are to invest together in logistics and storage facilities for liquid sulphur at Vopak's ACS terminal in Antwerp. DUVAL is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Solvadis group in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, which in turn is a member of the Sojitz Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

Thanks to the long-term, exclusive collaboration with Vopak, DUVAL will be able to offer handling and storage of liquid sulphur for its domestic and foreign customers as of 2020. The sulphur will be carried to and from the terminal by special block trains. The new facilities will supplement the existing infrastructure with transport by tanker trucks, barges and seagoing ships.

Vopak's ACS terminal will become the Liquid Sulphur Hub in North-West Europe for DUVAL and its partners, which include the largest oil and gas producers in the world. The new, upgraded facilities represent the most recent of many additions to the chemical cluster in the port of Antwerp.

Sulphur is used in a great many applications including fibres and artificial fertiliser.