Expanded railway network from port of Antwerp

Tuesday 12 10 2021

With TFG Transfracht as new operator for Antwerp, the railway connections between the port of Antwerp with Germany, Austria and Italy will increase.

TFG Transfracht offers daily, frequent and reliable connections between Ludwigshafen, Nuremberg, Munich, Burghausen, Wolfurt, Milano, Verona and the most important maritime container terminals in Antwerp. In September, also Regensburg was added.

Thanks to the connection to Wolfurt (AT), TFG Transfracht has also connected the region of Vorarlberg with the regions South-Germany, West-Austria, East-Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In Antwerp, the DPW Antwerp Gateway Terminal Q1700, the MPET-quay 1742 and the PSA terminals Q913 have also been connected. Aside from the deep-sea terminals, other conventional terminals can also be connected on request.

With their daily frequency and reliable transit times, the trains offer maximum flexibility. Possible disruptions in the supply chain can be absorbed effectively and delays with sea-going ships or high/low water on the Rhine have little impact. The trains offer opportunities for combining wagon loads with container trains. With its international positioning and new services, TFG Transfracht offers tailor-made concepts.

More information and contacts can be found on the TFG Transfracht website

Looking for all rail, inland navigation and shortsea connections at the port of Antwerp? Consult the current overview in this publication: Product Sheet-Rail-Barge_Sep2021_0.pdf (portofantwerp.com)