First ship makes crossing to Brazilian port of Porto do Açu

Friday 24 05 2019

The BBC Amethyst is the first ship to have made the crossing from Antwerp to the Brazilian seaport of Porto do Açu. Brazil has the seventh-largest economy in the world and is a major trading partner for Port of Antwerp. The new connection will further strengthen trade relations between the two countries.

The BBC Amethyst carried a Siemens steam turbine destined for a new thermal generating station in the Brazilian port. The turbine first travelled by barge from Müllheim (Germany) to the Katoen Natie terminal in Antwerp, from where it was carried to Porto do Açu along with other large parts.
Port of Antwerp International, a subsidiary of Port of Antwerp, has been a shareholder in Porto do Açu since 2017 and also acts as port consultant. The seaport is strategically located in the South-East of Brazil, near to important markets such as Rio de Janeiro. Porto do Açu is expanding rapidly, with a focus on sustainable projects. According to marketing manager Tessa Major the fact that the first consignment from Antwerp was destined for a sustainable energy project represented a perfect start.

Essential trading partner

Brazil is an essential trading partner for Port of Antwerp, with more than 6 million tonnes of freight annually being carried between Antwerp and the Brazilian ports. The main Brazilian exports are coffee, meat, fruit, timber, tobacco and steel products, while malt, fertilisers, chemicals and potatoes travel the opposite way.
The new connection with Porto do Açu will further strengthen the links between Port of Antwerp and the Brazilian market.