Flemish support for Antwerp mobility projects

Friday 19 01 2018

In the summer of last year Antwerp Port Authority decided to invest 1.4 million euros over the next three years to support seven projects aimed at streamlining port-related transport and making it more efficient. Then at the end of last year Transport minister Ben Weyts agreed to grant the same amount towards the financing of nine additional initiatives for the port of Antwerp. This formed part of a wider initiative by the Flemish government to support mobility solutions for the four Flemish seaports.

Like-for-like contribution

Based on the principle of "one euro for one euro" the Flemish government has made good on its promise to invest a matching amount in mobility solutions for the port of Antwerp that are supported by the Port Authority. The nine projects concerned are as follows:

More efficient road transport

  •  Raising the efficiency of road transport by consolidating the transport flows (NDB Logistics-Trafuco)
  •  Setting up a night hub in Arendonk for containers to be delivered to the Deurganck dock during the night (L.Mermans - Van Moer Group)
  •  A software app to reduce waiting times for freight transport at the border inspection posts (Port @pp)

Modal shift or setting up new barge or rail services

-  A new rail link between the port of Antwerp and Charleroi (MSC Medlog)

-  Doubling the frequency of the barge service between the ports of Ghent and Antwerp, from two departures per week to four

-  Consolidating container volumes for barge transport between the port of Genk and Liège Container Terminal to/from the port of Antwerp

-  Modal shift from road to barge (ADPO-terminal Kallo)

-  Modal shift from road to barge for carrying cacao (Blue Line Logistics)

-  Modal shift from road to barge for carrying waste (Vanheede Environmental Logistics)

16 sustainable solutions

Along with the seven projects being supported by Antwerp Port Authority, these 16 projects will not only help to make transport in, to and from the port of Antwerp more efficient but will also ensure that the port is able to keep its leadership position as a sustainable port.