Further steps towards structural improvement in container barge transport

Tuesday 26 05 2020

Dashboard for the Barge Traffic System

The BTS (Barge Traffic System) has been expanded by adding a new digital dashboard, so that it now informs barge operators proactively about the availability of the Antwerp terminals. Operators are kept aware of the actual terminal capacity available, and are given an automatic warning when demand for capacity exceeds supply. This enables the barge operators to spread out their berth requests and adjust their schedules, if necessary in consultation with other operators.

Joint day- and weekend scheduling

For some time now, Antwerp Terminal Services (ATS) has coordinated the barge scheduling of PSA Antwerp, DP World and MPET. The next test phase being carried out from 17 April to 2 June concerns weekend scheduling. During that period, the normal procedure for weekends has been changed: instead of drawing up a schedule on Friday for the whole weekend and Monday, scheduling is done on a day-by-day basis. During the test phase the steering group will evaluate what effect the weekend scheduling has on the reliability of scheduling and operations on the terminals.

Consolidating volumes

Consolidating small volumes has made it possible to increase the call size of the barges at the maritime terminals. The process significantly reduces the number of calls at the terminals and contributes towards more efficient scheduling. The minimum call size of 20 moves per terminal is being retained, and the subsidised consolidation hubs in the hinterland will continue to operate under the present conditions.