GDP standard for pharmaceuticals at Port of Antwerp

Tuesday 15 12 2020

Port of Antwerp is the first port in the world to use the European quality standard 'Good Distribution Practice' for the handling of Life Sciences and Healthcare products, such as vaccines, medicines, blood plasma and medical equipment.

"Distributing billions of vaccines poses an unprecedented logistical challenge and will push the boundaries of logistics chains," says Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO at Port of Antwerp. "The port of Antwerp is already currently working with a number of partners within the World Economic Forum to find solutions to the various issues thrown up by this huge logistics operation."


Port of Antwerp crucial node for storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals

With more than 60,000m³ of storage space, 8,000 plugs for refrigerated containers and its excellent multimodality, Antwerp plays a key role in the smooth distribution of products from the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry. Our strong maritime connections with South America and Africa ensure that these products reach the other side of the world safely and smoothly.


You can read more in the press release: 'A first for the port of Antwerp: GDP guidelines for the distribution of pharmaceutical products.'.


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