Gunvor Petroleum Antwerp celebrates Golden Jubilee

Monday 27 08 2018

Gunvor Petroleum Antwerp (GPA) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in September this year. To mark the occasion the oil refinery is organising a family day for members of personnel. GPA owes its success to the advantages of its location in the port of Antwerp combined with the flexibility of its facilities and the dedication of its personnel. 

Some history

The original refinery was located at the Petroleum South site. It was set up in 1934 under the name of Redeventza, later changed to Albatros in 1948. In 1966 the production activities moved to the northern part of the port near the Zandvliet lock where there was more room for expansion. 

In the years that followed the company changed its name several more times, to Belgian Refining Corporation and then Independent Belgian Refinery. In 2012 it began to operate under the name of Gunvor, before finally adopting the title of Gunvor Petroleum Antwerp NV in 2016. 

Hub for engine fuel, domestic heating oil and motor oil 

Throughout these developments the core activities have always remained the same, namely refining crude oil into a wide range of intermediate and end products including engine fuel, domestic heating oil and motor oil for seagoing ships and barges, always with great care for safety and the environment. 

The refinery has one million cubic metres of storage capacity and employs 260 people. Its products are carried all over the world by seagoing ships. For local deliveries within western Europe it makes use of barges and trucks. 

Faithful customer of the port

Gunvor has remained loyal to the port of Antwerp throughout its history, because of the many advantages which the port offers for the petroleum industry. Indeed Gunvor continues to invest systematically in the port. With a production capacity of around 4.4 million tonnes annually, GPA is a valued player in the port of Antwerp. 

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