Hakka digital platform reduces empty trips by trucks

Monday 27 01 2020

With the new Hakka platform hauliers are able to swap containers so as to avoid empty trips, thus also reducing road congestion and CO2 emissions. Hakka responded to a Request for Proposals by Port of Antwerp in 2018, and in 2019 alone it prevented 150,000 empty trips.

Hakka offers various services including a marketplace in which hauliers offer trips and take over consignments. As a result the number of empty trips has been reduced by between 10% and 25%. 3100 trucks are already registered with the service and the number of swaps is expected to grow along with the number of registrations. 


In addition to the marketplace Hakka offers a handy matching system in which an algorithm suggests possible matches for companies operating in the market, on the basis of route and type of freight. 


Hakka also connects transport companies with depots and terminals. In the longer term it will be possible to use the platform for booking slots at terminals. 


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