Inland waterways application

Monday 22 06 2020

The Port of Antwerp is working on the development of an inland waterways app. An application that can be used by ship's captains to make advanced electronic registrations, request access through a lock, and consult available moorings in real-time. The benefits? Smoother passage through the port and a more efficient internal waterways system.

Once the skipper or ship-owner is aware of a trip to the port of Antwerp, it can be booked in the system immediately. This gives you an earlier overview of the lock plans. The AIS system (Automatic Identification System) then registers your arrival in the port area. Mooring and departure, as well as the choice of a lock, can all be processed in the app. You will find a clear overview of the available lock spaces and the start and finish times. On this basis, you can plan the most suitable lock for your route.


As the ship's captain, you can also consult the expected arrival and departure times of maritime vessels. So you know which temporary waiting areas you can use while awaiting your lock time, loading operation or other activities.


Skippers and ship-owners only have to install the app once. Thanks to the transfer of registration data from other platforms, we can also prevent skippers having to send the same information several times. The app shows BICS, ERINOT and soon also Swing messages in a draft journey. You just have to complete or adjust them, in the event of a change.


This application is part of the larger 'safe and smooth traffic in the port' project. As well as initiatives such as this one, concerning digital transition, shipping supervision, planning and enforcement will also have a makeover.


To test the app, we are looking for inland waterway skippers and ship-owners who use the locks in the port of Antwerp on a daily basis. You will enjoy the benefits immediately and be able to pass through our port more smoothly.


Test inland waterways app