Luik Natie Coldstore opens new facility in port of Antwerp

Monday 25 02 2019

On 15 February 2019 Luik Natie Coldstore opened a new refrigerated warehouse offering an additional 6,000 pallet spaces. Furthermore the Kallo-based company is due to open yet another such facility in 2020 which with 22,000 pallet spaces will be by far the largest in Antwerp.

Liege nation warehouse

The latest coldstore is specially designed for rapid handling of fresh fruit, with the open refrigerated space permitting fast and accurate yellow checking, quality control and phytosanitary inspections.

"With these new facilities we believe in the future of the port of Antwerp. We want Antwerp to be known for more than just bananas. Luik Natie Coldstore is ready to handle different items such as pineapples, mangos, avocados and other sorts of fruit and vegetables," says Stefaan Verhelst (Managing Director Luik Natie Group).

In addition to acting as a transhipment partner for fresh fruit, Luik Natie Coldstore is very strong when it comes to loading and unloading palletised and bulk deepfreeze products such as deep frozen fish, fries and meat.

The new warehouses bring the total storage capacity for foodstuffs in the port of Antwerp to more than 100,000 pallet spaces.


Luik Natie intends to be fully CO2-neutral by 2020, by generating all its own energy in-house from solar panels and wind turbines. The company is also investing in the necessary battery capacity, and the state-of-the-art refrigeration systems will only use rainwater.

Port alderman Annick De Ridder explained: "The transition to a circular, CO2-neutral economy is one of the strategic priorities for Port of Antwerp, and a sustainable energy policy forms part of this. I am very pleased to see Luik Natie Coldstore being so ambitious in terms of energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. This should inspire other companies to make energy efficiency an essential part of their operations."