serves Europe from Antwerp

Tuesday 24 09 2019

The British web trader teams up with Katoen Natie to send furniture from Antwerp to ten different countries, boosting Belgian e-commerce.

Biggest e-commerce trader in Belgium chose the logistics company Katoen Natie for its warehouse storage thanks to its flexibility. The capacity offered by Katoen Natie offers plenty of room for expansion. The furniture seller has begun with an area of 36,000 m² (equivalent to six football fields) which will eventually double. This makes it the biggest e-commerce trader in Belgium. Antwerp's geographical situation is ideal, centrally located between all the European countries served by, conveniently close to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam where most of the products arrive. previously decided to separate its logistics in the UK from the logistics in continental Europe. Now thanks to its Antwerp operation the company is ready for Brexit.

Port is ideal for e-commerce

Katoen Natie operates round the clock, offering clear advantages of scale. At peak periods for different web traders it can shift personnel from one warehouse to the other. This flexibility is particularly important for Katoen Natie provides all kinds of semi-industrial services, designs, builds and manages logistics platforms and complete supply chains to different industries. The company’s headquarters are located in Antwerp. Katoen Natie employs around 14.000 people worldwide.
The recent opening of the BE-GATE customs platform has simplified the import and export process for e-commerce goods, saving time and costs.