Martin Hubeňák launches CO-LO: new logistics podcast for CEE region

Publication date: 
03 Mar 2021

All our representatives have spent their careers across many companies, met a lot of people and listened to their stories, learned about business processes, and built their own community network. This is the beginning of the future, which we can all share and develop together.


With these thoughts in mind I came up with the idea of mediating my conversations with people from my logistics community and region in the form of a podcast: CO-LO.


About the CO-LO podcast

In this podcast, I will guide you and my guests through the issues of logistics, their stories and also look with them behind the curtains of various companies. My guests are personalities who are dedicated to logistics, have a great influence in it or have extensive experience with it, which they will try to share with you. Whether you are new to logistics or seasoned matadors, each part will offer you a lot of useful information and know-how.


Get inspired by new stories and information from the world of logistics in Central and Eastern Europe.



Why CO-LO?


CO-LO is the shortcut of the full title Coffee & Logistics. The idea came to my mind, when thinking about different perspective during my interviews. And coffee has won the game :-)  

You can also look at CO-LO in other perspectives, due to the meaning of CO-LO. In Czech language we read it as KOLO and it means BIKE, which plays an essential role for mobility in Belgium. A bike is also moving forward, and so are we.



In which language will the podcast interviews be?


Main language is Czech as I plan to start with this version and bring my interviews to Czech and Slovak community first. Nevertheless, all interviews will also be transferred to a written version in English to share interesting comments with the broader community too. Therefore, do not hesitate to subscribe to our Blog Anchors & Bollards and receive notification when a new interview is published.

Talk to you soon! 


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