Massive solidarity for and by Port of Antwerp

Friday 10 04 2020

As an essential activity, ports ensure that shop racks are filled at all times. This is only possible thanks to the efforts of thousands of people who give their best every day. This both in the Port of Antwerp and far beyond. Thank you to all of you who, from far or near, give the port and its people a heart and soul. 


We also noticed this with our campaign #SupportThePort. The Port of Antwerp launched the #SupportThePort campaign to encourage everyone who keeps Antwerp and other ports running. Join in and send a photo from your workplace at home, at the office or in the open air and place it online with the #SupportThePort mention.


Honk along

In order to strengthen its actions, but above all to show that the Antwerp port community has a particularly large heart, the Port of Antwerp set up an action to also encourage care takers. Not only by hanging out white sheets, but above all by making a massive noise. Take a quick look at the impressive result