McBride: From Antwerp all over the world

Friday 19 01 2018

McBride is a European manufacturer of domestic products with sites throughout Western Europe and Poland. "Our Belgian plants in Ieper and Estaimpuis make liquid products for domestic and personal care," explains Roland Vanlerberghe, Distribution & Warehousing manager for France, Belgium and Northern Europe.

From Antwerp all over the world

"McBride works with dedicated plants: liquids, powders and aerosols are made in separate factories. In Belgium we make among other things liquid detergent capsules for dishwashers and all sorts of other detergents. Instead of dispatching these products directly to our customers we send them first to our distribution centre in Guesnain, France where they are made up into separate orders and loaded into containers. This means that one container can hold products from plants all over Europe. About half of these containers then go via the port of Antwerp to overseas destinations, in particular Australia and the French overseas territories. There are 15 or so people constantly busy in the distribution centre ensuring smooth transit of our products."

"Antwerp isn't exactly next door to Douai. The ports of Dunkirk, Calais or even Le Havre are more obvious choices. Despite this Antwerp is our preferred partner. Thanks to the greater capacity and more frequent departures we can offer our customers greater security of supply by going through the port of Antwerp."

Striving for sustainability

"McBride is constantly concerned to make its supply chain more efficient. For example, every day we have trucks with empty containers travelling from Antwerp to Guesnain and then coming back full, which is expensive and not very environment-friendly. We are therefore looking for alternatives such as train or barge transport from Antwerp to Lille. In comparison with other players our container transport is fairly limited. But every little bit helps."