New coordination centre

Friday 24 04 2020

Port of Antwerp and Agency for Maritime Services & Coast are to build a new port coordination centre in the form of a traffic control tower from which shipping in the port of Antwerp will be directed. The revamped shipping traffic control will be given a digital make-over, in a further step towards a sustainable future.

Smooth, safe shipping traffic is an essential feature of any port. In order to assure this and constantly improve it, transparent shipping coordination and efficient collaboration between all partners in the nautical chain is required. The new Antwerp Coordination Centre (ACC) has a decisive role to play here.


Port of Antwerp will be working closely with the Agency for Maritime Services & Coast to draw up the blueprints for the new ACC. The new control tower will bring all the shipping coordination in the port together in a shared, functional workspace. The combination of digitised applications and sustainable infrastructure will make the project future-proof with safety as the top priority.


According to the current schedule the new ACC is due to be operational by the end of 2024.