New course, new logo, in tune with the world

Tuesday 08 01 2019

Port of Antwerp has set a new course which has also been translated into a powerful visual identity. Discover the new baseline and the Port of Antwerp logo. Ready for the future!

Sneak preview: new branding and new baseline

A major international port deserves a strong identity. An identity that gives a powerful signal to the outside world. With our new branding we aim to further raise our profile as a world-class port, and especially to highlight the unique recipe that we have developed here in Antwerp. A course made up of collaboration, building bridges and uniting different worlds.

Port of Antwerp aims to be in tune with the world, and that's also our new baseline.

Port of Antwerp is a beacon of confidence. A brand that is innovative and open to the future, but also proud of its successful past. A worldwide mark of quality. We are building further on this tradition with a new logo. The round shape symbolises accessibility. We bring customers, society and the world together, creating a dynamic between them. The bright red colour radiates force and vitality.

Discover the new branding in this video clip


A brand with port people in the leading role


People make the port. Discover how maintenance engineer Matthias Lootens is in tune with society, using new technology to test whether sea locks can operate in an energy-neutral way. Just one of many initiatives that are helping us develop towards a low-carbon economy. Or read about how dockmaster Wesley Vanlingen puts his know-how, experience and determination at the service of ship operators, captains and terminal managers, in tune with the customers.



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