New Cpoint remains a transparent link in the global supply chain

Friday 27 04 2018

On May 7, APCS, the Antwerp Port Community System, will metamorphose into Cpoint, an innovative platform that stands for community, communication and connection. The familiar APCS applications will be retained and will be brought under NxtPort.

In addition to in-house developments the portal is open to other, off-the-shelf applications that are newly available on the market. In this way Cpoint will become the new app platform for a transparent global supply chain. Antwerp Port Authority is collaborating closely with NxtPort for this.

Solid basis

APCS has ensured transparency of the supply chain in the port of Antwerp for seven years now. Applications such as e-Desk, BTS and the APICS desk have become essential features in all port activities, used by every link in the supply chain: shippers, carriers, logistics service providers, freight handlers and authorities. Indeed various applications have also been adopted by other ports, including e-Desk in Zeebrugge and BTS in inland ports on the upper Rhine.

Simplification and expansion

With Cpoint these applications will be made available to the port in a simplified way. The single sign-on principle will offer easy access to all applications for some 4,000 companies and 12,000 users.

"With Cpoint we offer a clear guide to the expanding landscape of IT solutions, thus underlining our position as an efficient, transparent link in the global supply chain," say Erwin Verstraelen, chief Digital Information & Innovation Officer for Antwerp Port Authority and Daniel Lievens, CEO for NxtPort.