New LNG bunker ship christened

Sunday 18 04 2021


On 23 March 2021, Port of Antwerp, Fluxys and Titan LNG christened a new LNG bunker vessel, FlexFueler 002. The bunker barge will ensure that ships re-fuel with LNG anywhere in the port.

The FlexFueler 002 operates from its permanent moorings at quay 526/528 and supplies LNG throughout the port and the Western Scheldt. The bunker ship is owned by gas infrastructure group Fluxys and LNG supplier Titan LNG.



Step forward in energy transition

The demand for LNG as an alternative fuel is constantly increasing. The importance of the role that LNG plays in the energy transition in the shipping industry should therefore not be underestimated. LNG reduces the emission of sulphur and particulates to negligible amounts. It also releases up to 85% fewer nitrogen oxides and considerably fewer greenhouse gases into the air. The growing LNG infrastructure at the port of Antwerp is ready for the future and can supply carbon-neutral variants of LNG, such as liquid biogas (from organic waste) or liquid synthetic methane (from green hydrogen and captured CO2). These offer scalable solutions for the maritime sector. 

The arrival of FlexFueler 002 is another important step for the Port of Antwerp in the transition to a multi-fuel port, in which we seek to offer more sustainable alternative fuels in addition to the traditional fuels.


Read the press release on how FlexFueler 002 makes LNG bunkering available throughout Port of Antwerp.

New LNG bunker ship FlexFueler 002 christened