New: user-friendly, dynamic roadmap for the port

Monday 26 02 2018

You can now follow the status of roadworks and other construction projects on the webpage "an accessible port". The page contains a user-friendly, dynamic roadworks map that enables you to zoom in on individual roadworks. This gives you an immediate view of the impact of the roadworks and the current traffic situation. 

Visit the roadworks map and an overview of all roadworks in the port area

The following two roadwork sites deserve to be highlighted here:

Waaslandhaven North roadworks 

Phase 3 of the roadworks in Waaslandhaven North (i.e. the northern part of the port area on the Left bank) starts on 5 March. The roundabout will be redeveloped into a diamond interchange in order to improve the accessibility of the port. 

In this third phase the carriageway on the side of the Sint-Antoniusweg road will be raised and new roads will be laid. This means that the Oudedijk road will be closed to traffic at the Sint-Jansweg roundabout, for traffic coming from Waaslandhaven South. 

The R2 highway will be completely closed to all traffic at the Waaslandhaven North complex from 23 to 26 March. Through traffic will be diverted via the slipways. 

More info on the Waaslandhaven North roadworks


Noordkasteel bridge closed on 10 March and 23 June

As part of the general renovation work, the Noordkasteel bridge will be closed to shipping, land traffic, rail transport and vulnerable road users on Saturday 10 March from 0800 to 1400 on 10 March and on Saturday 23 June from 0500 to 2200. There will be appropriate road signage and signals at these times.