Nominations announced for Port of Antwerp Sustainability Award

Wednesday 26 09 2018

Already a leader in creation of added value, the port of Antwerp is now encouraging companies operating in the port to contribute effectively to the transition to a more sustainable port. For this purpose Antwerp Port Authority, the Left Bank Development Corporation and Alfaport VOKA present a biennial Sustainability Award. With this award the organisers seek to showcase sustainable initiatives by port users and to encourage sustainable enterprise. This year 18 projects have been submitted, from which the jury has selected a shortlist of three, namely Ashland Specialties Belgium, BASF and CMB NV. Members of the public are also invited to vote, with voting open today. The award will be presented to the winner on 29 November by a representative of last year's winner Ecluse.

Three nominees

The award is open to all companies operating in the Antwerp port area. A total of 18 companies and organisations responded to the invitation to submit entries, issued before summer this year.

The specialist jury chaired by port alderman Marc Van Peel has now selected a shortlist of three entrants:

Ashland Specialities Belgium

Ashland Specialities Belgium impressed the jury with its rainwater recovery scheme. The company has installed two additional buffer tanks to collect rainwater from its own and neighbouring sites. This affords savings of 64,000 m³ of drinking water per year which would otherwise be taken from the company's water purification process.



BASF has been nominated for its aniline production and energy recovery plant. The company produces 530,000 tonnes of aniline per year. Construction of two new units yields 30% product recovery and 40,000 tonnes of steam which can be re-used on the site. This reduces waste production by 90% and takes 200 trucks off the road each year.


Finally the Hydroville shuttle introduced by CMB NV is the first hydrogen-powered passenger vehicle in the port. Hydrogen as a fuel is much more environment-friendly and also helps to make commuter transport more sustainable. This pilot project will serve as a testbed with a view to introducing hydrogen technology on a large scale.

An award for a more sustainable port

The Sustainability Award is the culmination of a project aimed at creating a more sustainable port and implementing the Sustainability Development Goals introduced by the UN in 2015. The first winner in 2016 was Ecluse which is now building a district heating network that supplies steam to neighbouring companies. This will eventually yield savings of 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Next year will see the publication of the 5th Sustainability Report by the port community, as a benchmark for the port's ambition to remain a leader in creation of sustainable added value.

Online voting

Members of the public can help to decide which of the shortlisted entrants will be the worthy successor to Ecluse, by using the online votinglink here. Voting is open until 19 November 2018. The results of the voting will be counted towards the points awarded by the jury to determine the winner. The presentation ceremony will be held on 29 November in Port House, itself a leading example of sustainability. The winner will be commemorated with a specially designed stone in the Walk of Sustainability at the foot of Port House.


For more info on the 18 candidates and the three shortlisted entries go to