Nul-O-Plastic starts to remove plastic pellets from Galgeschoor foreshore in 2020

Monday 27 01 2020

In August 2019 Port of Antwerp launched a competition for a new technique to clean up plastic pellets that have been accumulating on the Galgeschoor, a stretch of foreshore on the river Scheldt near the port. A jury of innovation and environmental exports chose the Nul-O-Plastic technique offered by Envisan (a member of the Jan De Nul Group) out of more than 50 entries. This solution uses a suction device to deal with legacy pollution

Envisan was presented with a cheque for 10,000 euros to further develop the design in collaboration with Port of Antwerp. The technique is based on a large, manoeuvrable suction device mounted on tracks.

This will minimise the impact on flora and fauna while efficiently sucking up the plastics. The Nul-O-Plastic will begin operation this year in the nature conservation area. 


Patje Plastic successfully removes plastics from the Doel dock


Nul-O-Plastic is not the only weapon in the fight against plastic pollution. The plastic catcher "Patje Plastic" has been removing floating rubbish from the Doel dock for several months now. This device leads the plastic into a collection device in a purely mechanical way, with the aid of wind, water and gravity forces. Once the modular bin is full a crane truck on the quay lifts it up and takes the rubbish away.