New spaces for circular economy

Friday 24 04 2020

The former Opel car assembly site is being cleared. Covering an area equal to 110 football fields it will offer space for industrial activities in the circular economy. There will also be room for innovative start-ups and scale-ups with the focus on innovation.

The current buildings are being demolished by the contractors De Meuter and Aertssen Group acting on behalf of the Port Authority.

This major operation will generate large quantities of rubble, 70% of which will be carried away by water so as to limit the impact on road transport. So far more than 80% of the assembly halls and other buildings have been demolished, and the site will be ready for a new, sustainable future in the course of 2020.


The blueprints for the future industrial zone are already available, with room for circular industrial activities in the heart of the port. There is plenty of groundspace for all types of site. 


In June 2020 Port of Antwerp will issue a new Request for Proposals aimed at companies that are eager to participate in the low-carbon economy of tomorrow. Keep an eye on our channels and be sure to respond early in order to be assured of a site!