Our port, your prosperity – Hedgren

Monday 26 02 2018


“Hedgren is at home in Antwerp”

Hedgren, the world-renowned producer of handbags and accessories, has its roots in Antwerp as the company was founded here in 1993 by Antwerp-born Xavier Kegels. The headquarters is now situated in Kontich, near Antwerp, and acts as the hub for all imports and exports. It's no coincidence that Hedgren and Antwerp are so closely associated, says Cecilia De Rosnay, VP Global Operations.


"Antwerp is and always has been an innovative, creative city," Cecilia explains. "It's a metropolis, but on a human scale. That's why it's also the epicentre of Belgian fashion. Here is where we find the inspiration for our collections: just like Antwerp, Hedgren is dynamic, creative, innovative, progressive and cosmopolitan."

Antwerp, gateway to the world

"We're very well placed with Antwerp as our home base. The direct sea connection with China benefits our transit and onward transport, while the inland location of the port of Antwerp ensures fast, cost-effective connections with our consumers in the hinterland. That shortens the route from our warehouse to retailers elsewhere in Europe. We therefore intend to further expand our European base."

"Time is the most important aspect of our transport. We strive to ensure that our consumers get the products they order as quickly as possible and are able to use them right away. Thanks to the port of Antwerp we can guarantee speed while benefiting from state-of-the-art infrastructure."