Pioneering eco-friendly project for solar heat in the port of Antwerp

Monday 25 11 2019

The first solar concentrator farm in the European process industry was inaugurated in the Port of Antwerp on 23 October. The Genk-based energy company Azteq has installed the solar reflectors for the logistics company Adpo. The installation forms part of a trial project with the support of the Flemish government.

First concentrated solar thermal plant in Europe

During the past few months Azteq has installed 1100 m² of parabolic reflectors at the site operated by the logistics company Adpo (Antwerp Distribution and Products Operations) in Beveren. Adpo will use the heat from the reflectors to generate steam which will be used to clean and heat containers and tanks. The installation is expected to replace gas consumption equal to 500 MWh annually.

Revolutionary technology

The installation is the first industrial project for Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy (CST) in Europe. CST is an innovative technology in which parabolic reflectors collect sunlight and convert it into heat. The reflectors track the movement of the sun so as to concentrate the incident sunlight on collector tubes, generating temperatures of up to 400°C. To enable the heat to be used even at night Azteq has installed insulated storage tanks.
CST produces three times as much energy per installed square metre as a photovoltaic system. The technology is an entirely eco-friendly alternative for industrial heating requirements and so can make a significant contribution toward reducing CO2 emissions in the port.