Plug and Play Maritime

Friday 07 05 2021

The global innovation platform Plug and Play is launching a maritime programme in Antwerp. Plug and Play Maritime helps international start-ups to test and develop new technologies at the port of Antwerp. 

Global renewal under local leadership

Plug and Play Maritime is collaborating with five co-founders for this: the City of Antwerp, CMB, DXC Technology, Euronav and Port of Antwerp. The initiative will be based on the pre-campus of Maritime Campus Antwerp, a co-working space where start-ups can scale up their activities.


Technology for the future of shipping

Participants will look at such things as:

  • Innovations for more clean fuels and energy;
  • Big Data and Internet of Things;
  • Innovative logistics;
  • Efficient shipping;
  • Autonomous shipping;
  • Sensors.


Innovation as a service

The core of Plug and Play Maritime is a twelve-week, six-month programme on open innovation. International start-ups will tackle specific challenges, as submitted by the co-founders. The goal is to present at least one joint project per start-up at the closing event. The first series of programs are scheduled for June 2021.


The port as a testing ground for innovation

The platform is of strategic importance for the sustainability of the maritime sector in Belgium and beyond. Through research, development and innovation, Plug and Play Maritime is contributing to the pioneering role that the port of Antwerp plays as a port of the future.


Are you an interested company, start-up or investor? Or would you like to find out more? Take a look at the website of Plug and Play or contact David Neef.


You can read all about Plug and Play Maritime, the platform for maritime innovation in Antwerp, in the press release.