POA Droneportal for all your drone flight requests

Publication date: 
18 Mar 2021

Together with technology company Unifly, Port of Antwerp has developed a new online platform to digitalise, professionalise and automate requests for drone flights by operators. The POA Droneportal will be in force from 18 March. This platform fits within the framework of Port of Antwerp's role as a geozone manager, with a focus on co-ordinating safety in the airspace above the port.

Geozone manager

Under the authority of the Harbour Safety & Security (HSS) service, Port of Antwerp has been fulfilling its role as a geozone manager, in line with the new European legislation on drone flights, since 1 January 2021. This means it is responsible for the approval of external requests for drone flights within the port area.

As a geozone manager, Port of Antwerp's objective is to guarantee safety when drone flights are carried out, involving an evaluation of the specific risks related to the location in which the requested flight will take place. For example, ISPS and the Seveso companies present will be taken into account, along with aerial traffic and nearby airports. 

Port of Antwerp Droneportal

A Port of Antwerp Droneportal is being launched to co-ordinate the requests for permits for drone flights in a customer-focused and professional manner. This Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system, developed together with technology company Unifly, will ensure that drone operators will be able to submit their own drone requests from 18 March. This mean they can automatically check the conditions and rules they must adhere to in a particular situation or potential risk zone and thus optimally prepare their case in order to ultimately get an approval from HSS.


Beyond the granting of permits, Port of Antwerp will also begin actively monitoring all drones and flights in real-time via the monitoring infrastructure from the 2nd half of 2021. HSS will be able to use the UTM system to monitor whether everything is running safely and will receive timely alerts should a drone deviate from its flight route or if a risky situation arises. This will create an operational picture of the aerial traffic at the port of Antwerp.


More information on how to request drone flights, how the new legislation works and access to the POA Droneportal can be found here.