Port of Antwerp and Austria, well connected via rail

Publication date: 
09 Mar 2021


Did you know ....

  • that the Austrian Market is getting more and more connected with the Port of Anwerp via new Rail Links?
  • that with this development the Port of Antwerp acts as an important and interesting Gateway for Austrian Shippers and Forwarders to connect to their global Customers and Markets?
  • that Austrian Companies are taking use of specialized and added Value Services of the Antwerp Port Community?
  • that Antwerp is top rated Break Bulk Port for Austrian World Market Leading Companies?
  • that Antwerp offers a Top Connectivity in Container Shipping by hosting all Global Carriers?


Local Presence pays off - by this the Port of Antwerp moves closer to the CEE Hinterland Market and can easily dedect and understand the needs of the Shippers and the Forwarding Industry.


Active rail links between Port of Antwerp and Austria


  • Antwerp Shuttle by Rail&See/Rail Cargo Operator  - 4 x Week from Linz Terminal
  • West Port Shuttle by Transfracht - 5 x Week from Wolfurt Terminal
  • Vorarlberg Shuttle by LINEAS - 3 x Week from Wolfurt Terminal
  • LEO Shuttle by MSC - 4 x Week from Vienna South Terminal to MPET Terminal, the biggest Container Terminal in Europe (integrating 3 Roundtrips within the GXN Lineas Network Vienna - Wels - Antwerp)


Map by ©MSC



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Walter Holzhammer

Port Representative Austria/Hungary
+43 67 64 02 09 30

Schottenauergasse 5
7121 Weiden am See