Port of Antwerp brings various players together for sustainable methanol production

Friday 19 04 2019

Methanol is the raw material for many applications in Antwerp's port industry. By bringing various players together for sustainable production of methanol Port of Antwerp is taking a new step in the transition to a carbon-neutral port.


Industry in the port of Antwerp consumes around 300,000 tonnes of methanol annually, to make everything from insulation tiles to fuel additives. By supporting a new production process that is no longer based on fossil fuels Port of Antwerp is making the port more sustainable.


"The methanol is produced from captured CO2 and sustainably generated hydrogen. Together these compounds are the perfect basis for sustainable methanol," explains Didier Van Osselaer, project manager at Port of Antwerp.


Smaller footprint, less emissions

steuntoezegging methanol partijen

To put this project into practice Port of Antwerp has brought various parties together. ENGIE, Oiltanking, Indaver, Vlaamse Milieuholding (VMH) and Helm-Proman have all promised their support, as have various educational and research institutes. This complex project is a first for Belgium.


Every tonne of methanol produced avoids the same amount of CO2 emissions and in some cases even double that amount. The economic viability of the project depends on innovation and collaboration between different sectors, including the electricity, fuel and chemical industries.


Port of Antwerp also has the ambition to have the first tug powered by sustainable methanol in the near future.