Port of Antwerp gets LNG bunkering pontoon

Monday 25 02 2019

The Belgian gas distribution network operator Fluxys is to partner the Dutch company Titan LNG to build a pontoon for supplying liquefied natural gas (LNG) to ships in the port of Antwerp. The pontoon is due to enter operation in mid-2020. Alternative fuels such as LNG will enable shipping companies to meet the stricter emission standards that are due to be introduced for ships.

Ship at the doc

The new bunkering pontoon at quay 526-528 will supply barges and small coastal vessels. Fluxys already provides LNG bunkering in Antwerp, but only using tanker trucks.

The 70-metre long FlexFueler 002 pontoon will be identical to the FlexFueler 001 operated by Titan LNG, the first-ever LNG bunkering pontoon in North-West Europe which is due to enter operation in Amsterdam in the next few months.

Stricter emission standards give boost to alternative fuels

LNG burns cleaner than traditional fuel oil. Along with other alternative fuels such as hydrogen it offers a way of reducing sulphur emissions by shipping. The upper limit for sulphur emissions in the shipping industry will be reduced to 0.5% in 2020, much lower the present 3.5%.

First LNG-powered vessel with fixed schedule in Antwerp

On 31 January Port of Antwerp welcomed the Containerships Nord at the DP World container terminal. This CMA-CGM ship with a capacity of 1,380 TEU is entirely powered by the alternative fuel LNG. While it is certainly not the first LNG ship to visit Antwerp, it is the first to call here on a regular loop.