Port of Antwerp stimulates rail and barge transport

Friday 19 04 2019

The seventh Mobility Event organised by Port of Antwerp was held on 2 April. This year the event was dedicated to the modal shift. Port of Antwerp presented a series of new initiatives to make rail and barge transport more attractive.  


By water


Port of Antwerp aims to reduce the amount of road transport by 4% in favour of barge between now and 2030. The Container Barge Action Plan focuses on consolidation, digitisation and efficient scheduling, so as to streamline the collaboration between the various logistics partners so that goods move faster along the supply chain.


At the same time Port of Antwerp promotes shortsea shipping for goods carried from Belgium or neighbouring countries to for instance Spain or Turkey. With the spectre of Brexit looming, shortsea transport offers a promising alternative to trucks travelling to and from the UK as it involves fewer customs formalities.


By rail


Port of Antwerp has ambitions for rail too, hoping to double the proportion of goods carried by rail from 7% to 15% by 2030. Together with Railport and Infrabel, Port of Antwerp focuses on making more efficient and flexible use of the existing rail capacity in the port. This will be achieved thanks to among others the Rail Traffic System, a digital trial project for exchange of information between the rail players and the terminals.


Together these initiatives should significantly curb the share of road transport which currently stands at 55%.

As a community builder we are working together with the port community to achieve an accessible port. We are working on various interesting transport alternatives both for goods and for people, in order to guarantee the accessibility of our port in a sustainable way," says port alderman Annick De Ridder.