Port Authority partners with start-up accelerator PortXL

Monday 26 02 2018

Programme to speed up innovation through collaboration with maritime start-ups

Antwerp Port Authority signed a contract on Thursday 22 February with PortXL International, a start-up accelerator that works with start-ups all over the world. As part of this collaboration the Port Authority will bring maritime start-ups into contact with companies in the port, so as to speed up the introduction of innovative technology on the port's platform. 

"There are many practical examples showing that collaboration with start-ups increases the pace of innovation," explains Port Authority CEO Jacques Vandermeiren. "As part of making the Port of Things a reality, Port XL International will on our behalf carry out scouting, matching and offering support for the rapid development of maritime and port-related start-ups."

PortXL, the leading port start-up accelerator

PortXL has built up an impressive network of maritime start-ups over the past few years. Thanks to intensive screening the network is being expanded year by year, adding start-ups that are judged to be the most promising. "We then offer further support to these start-ups," explains Mare Straetemans, managing director of PortXL. "Among other things we put them in contact with port companies that see potential in the business case of a specific start-up. For companies in the port itself, such collaboration offers the advantage of putting them in touch with the most advanced, innovative ideas and technologies which can for example considerably speed up improvements in their business processes."

Looking for suitable port companies

The collaboration agreement with the Port Authority runs for a period of 3 years. The first 8 to 10 international start-ups are expected in Antwerp at the end of June for an introduction to the port network. In collaboration with Cees-Willem Korneef who heads PortXL in Antwerp, the Port Authority is currently looking for port companies that would like to make use of the start-up programme.